History from 1979

The leadership of the "search" vocation

Over 25 years ago, our company was founded upon the principle that rigour and the highest professionalism should be the key when delivering services that imply the contribution of the highest added value, as Executive recruitment.

The current entreprise world differs a lot from the one when STEMPER was born in 1979. Markets are global, organizational structures are not so pyramidal, creating value for shareholders is a priority, technology moves forward in seconds, internet is already a part of us, etc.

Globalization, innovation and the technological boom affect directly the skills and talents required by companies.

Global relations / local commitments

It is our reality and it is the future. On one hand, multinational clients tend to lean more and more on proven experience and a universal continuing relation.

At the same time, most of the missions we develop are for clients that, though multinational, need a first-hand knowledge of each market's culture.

Our internationalization

Our internationalization started in 1993, when AIMS INTERNATIONAL (International Management Search) was created.

Our organization, present in more than 40 countries with over 80 locations worldwide, offers our clients an executive recruitment firm with a great global strength, while acting with a local distinctiveness. This is the reason why our clients continue through years working with us.

The unalterable commitment: "rigour and professionalism"

However, while business world has changed so much, our approach to client hasn't. Our dedication, rigour and professionalism not only remain steady, but they grow stronger than ever and are our commitment for the success of our clients.