Technology and human factor.

A very personal work.

The minimum risk philosophy.



We live in a world of constant change, at a faster and faster pace. This change is quickly transforming the talent, aptitudes and performance required to manage and lead companies.

Stemper, belonging to the AIMS Group, is an International Executive Search consultancy, with a long standing experience in Search and Selection of Executives.

Stemper provides with a logical and secure answer for those Companies which intend to develop national and international recruitment projects and, same as we do, deem local presence to be vitally important for success. Through this outlook, Stemper ensures companies coordinated processes, a deep knowledge of the market without language barriers and the highest level of professionalism. Stemper-Aims is an international group established upon its vast knowledge of local markets.

Our organization counts with more than 80 offices in more than 40 countries in the five continents.

With more than 350 consultants, we are ranked among the first five Executive Search companies worldwide, and among the first three ones in Europe.

Our company follows the same principles of commitment and quality, having a worldwide data base available which is constantly combined with the local database in each country, therefore almost unlimited resources are at our disposal to develop the search.

The aforementioned means that any mission for the talent search and acquisition that may be assigned can be immediately started anywhere in the world.


Over 3,000 successful assignments.

Over 600 satisfied clients.

A 28-years experience