Technology and the human factor
A very personal work


Human resources: a differential factor

The differential factor of most of the companies in comparison with their competitors is their human capital. In an era where technology and production equipment are available to anyone that can pay for them, companies distinguish themselves from others by their wise decisions in global strategy. Such strategy must be implemented by the people who fit best into each company’s philosophy. Not just the best executives, but the best ones for each case. Those who are aggressive if necessary, or moderate, if the moment requires so. Therefore, STEMPER offers assistance to find the suitable candidate.

The optimal method to get right amidst the risk

We understand selection not as a static process, but as something done for a particular company. That fact implies that the first step should always be to gain a deep knowledge about our client: their company culture, their human resources philosophy, their expectations and their requirements. This information places us in a privileged level: we are not looking for the best one, but for the candidate that fits best in the mould we have designed. The level of the position does not change our work philosophy, but just some searching techniques, and obviously the complexity of the process. But we do not give up the Criterion of the minimum risk philosophy for any tear of the company’s functional organization chart. We know the needs of enterprises and how to fulfil them.

This rigour lets us offer our clients two basic services: