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The AIMS philosophy has been refined over years and is defined by the AIMS core values which we are pleased to share with you:


By building a strategic partnership with clients, AIMS delivers the best solutions in a timely, responsive and trusted manner.

Consultative Approach

AIMS undertakes a thorough analysis to understand clients’ organisational needs. Additionally, AIMS constantly strives to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of clients and adopts a flexible approach in order to ensure the client’s requirements are fully satisfied.

Global Reach/Local Strength

The AIMS organization allows Partners to operate globally yet maintain a local approach when serving clients.

Flexible yet structured

AIMS is flexible and responsive towards the clients’ needs, yet strict in the observance of internal quality procedures and standards.

Team Oriented

AIMS does not apply a silo approach. Every search involves a collective effort and consistent approach from all Partners.

Market Focused

AIMS has a thorough understanding of each market in which clients compete and specialist knowledge that empowers AIMS to explore and identify the best opportunities and propose the most appropriate solutions for clients.

Candidate Assessment

AIMS understands and evaluates each candidate’s professional desires, true strengths, weaknesses and personality to ensure best fit within client organizations.


AIMS adopts the utmost discretion in everything it does.